Alaska Corona Virus Restrictions (Updated April 10, 2021)

Day Trip Charter Precautions

• We offer exclusive charters without paying the full boat price, allowing private parties to avoid exposure to other clients.
• Touchless sink in bathroom
• Sanitizer available onboard
• Crew covid-19 testing/vaccination

We encourage but not requiring our employees to get vaccinated. We believe the virus and the vaccine pose a risk and the virus is a greater risk to most. We also believe it is up to every individual to make the choice to be vaccinated. As of April 1st, 3 of 5 employees are vaccinated and one has the antibodies.
Any crew member who exhibits Covid-19 symptoms will be quarantined until they can be tested. Crew members who are knowingly exposed to Covid-19 will follow the current protocols, which may be different for those who are vaccinated and those who aren’t.

All Passengers

Clients who tested positive for Covid 19 will not be permitted onboard our vessels until 14 days have passed. Passengers with symptoms of Covid 19 will not be permitted onboard. Passengers who were exposed to Covid 19 will not be permitted onboard until they have completed the current protocols for exposure.

Flying To Alaska
The State of Alaska has no restrictions on flying into or out of Alaska as of April 1st, 2021.


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